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Why Does My New Canvas Bag Have So Many Black Spots? Unraveling the Secrets of Raw Cotton Canvas Bags

Why Does My New Canvas Bag Have So Many Black Spots? Unraveling the Secrets of Raw Cotton Canvas Bags

Jan 05, 2024


If you're in the market for organic cotton tote bags wholesale or cotton canvas tote bags, you may have come across some black spots on the fabric. These spots can be concerning, especially if you're planning to use the bags for promotional purposes or as part of your retail inventory. So, what exactly are these black spots, and are they normal?


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First and foremost, it's important to understand that black spots on cotton canvas fabric are a common occurrence, especially with organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, which can lead to natural blemishes on the fabric. These blemishes can manifest as black spots, which are often the result of natural oils and sugars present in the cotton plant.


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It's also worth noting that black spots on cotton canvas fabric do not necessarily indicate a lack of quality. In fact, they can be seen as a natural and authentic characteristic of the fabric. However, if you're concerned about the presence of black spots on your cotton tote bags, it's important to source them from a reputable supplier.


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At our company, we have 16 years of OEM and ODM experience, working with famous brands such as HSBC, Canon, and McDonald's. Our 50% workers have 10 years of experience, and over 90% of our workers have over 5 years of experience, ensuring stable delivery times and high-quality products. Additionally, our 7-step quality checking process ensures that our products have a 0% complaint rate.


When it comes to black spots on cotton canvas fabric, we understand that some customers may have concerns. That's why we are transparent about the natural characteristics of organic cotton and strive to educate our clients about what to expect. With our factory prices and commitment to quality, you can trust that the black spots on our cotton tote bags are not only normal but also a testament to the authenticity of the fabric.

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