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Industry Insights: Sharing 24 Spring and Summer Luggage Bag Trends - part2

Industry Insights: Sharing 24 Spring and Summer Luggage Bag Trends - part2

Mar 15, 2024

It's time to start thinking about updating our bags for the coming spring/summer season, and let's take a closer look at some industry insights and the latest trends shaping the market.

Following on from the tote bag, travel bag, and backpack we discussed in the previous issue, this time we will look at small accessory bags, Fanny packs and straddle bags


  1. Modular accessories


Modular accessories, technical accessories is another key development, wireless headphone cases leading the trend. Mountaineering clasps and lanyard attachments retain a functional look, while natural materials such as leather, wood and wine palm add an understatement of luxury.

 wireless headphone cases

Key items: flower bag hanger, water bottle bag, earplug box, perfume bag.


WGSN e-commerce data: Modular details in new bags increased by 60% year on year

 perfume bag funny pack


    2. Practical waist pack

What makes it unique: Consumers are still in demand for practical accessories like Fanny packs, which have enough room for casual wearers to stowaway essential items and enjoy the outdoors, while also freeing up their hands for events like music festivals.

 Practical waist pack bag

Design details: Select a small silhouette and design an adjustable strap to create a single item that can be worn at the waist or as a crossbody bag style. Storage layers can be designed both inside and outside the bag to create a smart storage design. Under the influence of advanced practical wind trends, durable waterproof materials such as recycled nylon and polyester have become a must. Subtle eye-catching designs can be added, such as color contrast details.


  3. A must have crossbody bag

Unique: Influenced by the classic theme of the future, crossbody bags and other items that exude long-term charm are refreshed under the interpretation of eye-catching elements, better integrating into the lifestyle of contemporary consumers, and also meeting the increasing demand for fried street bags.

A must have crossbody bagA must have crossbody bag

Design details: Choose a small or medium size crisp shape to ensure that the item has enough room for essential items. Add modular details such as removable and adjustable tape and internal and external storage layers. Preferred materials include responsibly sourced leather, polishing and mist finish are considered, and leather alternatives are also available. Add subtle metal fittings, delicate rivets, or use bright colors to highlight simple designs combined with minimalist or monochromatic hardware. Fully explore the style in the gender-inclusive design space to attract a wider audience


To sum up. Armed with the latest industry insights and 24 spring/summer bag trends, it's time to start updating your bag collection to welcome the upcoming season with style and practicality.



Data source: alibaba



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