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Exploring Knowledge | The Scoring Rules of Pickleball

Exploring Knowledge | The Scoring Rules of Pickleball

May 24, 2024

In the previous article concerns an introduction and the rules of the game of pickleball.→ Exploring Knowledge | What is Pickleball?.


Let us delve into the refined principles of this scoring system in this article


To set the stage, let's imagine the opening score is 0-0, with the blue team serving first. However, on this unfortunate occasion, the blue team commits a serving error. Although the red team doesn't score, they gain a precious opportunity—the right to serve. During the red team's serving turn, the blue team can lose points in various ways:


Failing to return the ball.

Stepping into the Kitchen before the ball touches the ground.

Hitting the ball out of bounds.

When any of these instances occur, the red team seizes a valuable point. Thus, the possession of the serve grants the opportunity to score.

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Now, speaking of the serve, there is an art to it. Consider a scenario where the score is 2-1 in favor of the blue team. In this case, the blue team serves from their right side, while the red team serves from their left side. However, be mindful that regardless of the situation, the serve's position is always outside the court. Of course, once the serve is executed, players may enter the court freely.


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